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We wish all of you a happy and successful New Year 2022

By 29 december 2021Berichten van de FIR

This year was as complicate as the last because of the pandemic-situation. The most of our proposed international activities could not be done because of travel restrictions. Our 70th anniversary was only a virtual event. Nevertheless, we all have been active in our respective countries and on our common topics. This was political necessary and we cannot stop these activities. Because the coming year has many tasks in historical memory work and for anti-fascism today. Especially, we need to face the danger of military confrontation due to the escalation policy in Eastern part of Europe. Therefor the slogan “Never again fascism, never again war!” is still actual – and our activities too.

Желаем всем нашим товарищам, друзьям и спутникам в борьбе крепкого здоровья и счастливого и мирного 2022 года.

We wish all our comrades, friends and companions in struggle good health and a happy and peaceful year 2022.

Nous souhaitons à tous nos camarades, amis et compagnons de lutte, une bonne santé et une année 2022 heureuse et paisible.

Wir wünschen allen Kameradinnen und Kameraden, Freunden und Mitstreitern Gesundheit und ein gutes und friedliches Jahr 2022.

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The next newsletter will be published beginning of January 2022.