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The FIR before its 18th Congress

By 28 november 2019oktober 13th, 2020Berichten van de FIR, Doorgeplaatst, Revisionisme

On 29 November in Reggio Emilia (Italy), the 18th regular congress of the FIR begins. Delegates from over 15 European countries and numerous guests from social organizations will participate. The Mayor will welcome the delegates in the “Sale de Tricolore“, the historic hall of the city, before the work of the Congress begins.

The focus will be on the results of the past three years. Here the FIR and their member federations have much to show. They were engaged in numerous mass activities in their countries against the rise of the extreme right in different European countries, against violent racism and in the fight against the advance of the extreme right in the European parliament.
The action for peace was connected with initiatives for disarmament and for the preservation of the treaties for arms control as well as an impressive Balkan peace conference in Belgrade.

A central task was the fight for memory. The FIR condemned the various forms of the historical revisionism, the destruction of memorials and monuments to the memory of the liberators. Together with other anti-fascist federations, the FIR protested against the rehabilitation of NS collaborators and members of SS units, as for example in the Baltic republics and in other European states.

The FIR and their representatives took part in countless commemoration ceremonies on the occasion of the liberation days of the concentration camps or to the memory of the anti-fascist fighters by the liberation of their countries from the German fascist occupation.

However, on this congress it is not only about a review, but also about the current challenges and plans for the future.
The scandalous resolution of the European Parliament of 19 September 2019
showed that the framework conditions for anti-fascist action have not become easier. Here the Congress will once again very clearly formulate its rejection. In addition, the attacks on anti-fascist federations, like the recent decision of the city of Berlin tax office against the VVN BdA will play a role on this congress.

De trein der 1000_Isa en Betty

As practical tasks for the future, preparations for the planned international youth meeting “Train des Milles” in Auschwitz in May 2020 are on the agenda of the congress. The meeting is organized by the FIR together with the “Fondation Auschwitz” (Brussels) and the “War Heritage Institute”.

Against the Nazi-Glorification by the rehabilitation of SS-criminals in spring 2020 in Budapest, Sofia and Bleiburg actions are planned.
Moreover, it concerns the organizational stabilization of the FIR. It is an encouraging sign that last year three new federations joined the FIR. Large tasks stand thus before the executive committee which must be elected, to which in the future also representatives from Bulgaria and France should belong.