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FIR protesteert tegen alle vormen van historisch revisionisme van overheden Europese landen

By Anti-Communisme, Berichten van de FIR, Revisionisme
FIR protests against all forms of governmental historical revisionism With great concern, the FIR pursues governmental forms of the history revision in different European countries. The delegates of the XVIII FIR Congress at the end of November had rejected the scandalous declaration of the European Parliament of 19 September 2019.…
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A bad message from the European Parliament

By Anti-Communisme, Berichten van de FIR, Doorgeplaatst, Revisionisme
Federation International des Resistance Declaration of FIR on behalf of the EP-resolution. Europese Unie - Historisch revisionisme: Zie ook Verklaring NCPN en CJB over de anticommunistische resolutie van het Europees Parlement ondersteund door bestuur AFVN/BvA. On 19 September 2019, the EU Parliament in Strasbourg passed a resolution that allegedly dealt…
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FIR Newsletter 2019-40: Latvian collaborators as national hero’s?

By Anti-Communisme, Berichten van de FIR, Communistisch verzet, Doorgeplaatst, Revisionisme, Tweede wereldoorlog Already several times, the FIR and their member federations raised their voice against many efforts of the rehabilitation of the fascist collaborators in the Baltic republics. Already 20 years ago, we protested against the glorification of SS members in Estonia. For several years, we have been supporting the actions…
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