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Italy: Together against neo-fascism and racism | International Federation of Resistance Fighters (FIR)

Italy: Together against neo-fascism and racism
ANPI and trade unions organized mass-meetings in about 120 cities

March 4, in Italy the electoral campaign for the parliament ends. Because the danger of the empowerment of the right-wing forces like Forza Nuova, Fratelli d’Italia, Lega Nord or open fascist groups like Casa Pound is visible since longer time, the antifascist forces ANPI and trade unions organized in the last weeks a successful rally with the slogan “No fascism! No racism!”

The first highlight was the mass-demonstration in Macerata with 30,000 participants, where a racist assassination had taken place beginning of February. There was a militant atmosphere. The participants sang “Bella Ciao” and other partisan songs. Their slogans were “stop the racist terror”, “block the way for the fascists” and repeatedly demand “solidarity with the immigrants”.

Last week-end more than 100,000 participants demonstrated in Rome. At the same time, mass-meetings took place in Milano, Turin, Pisa, Bologna and Palermo. The participants supported the message: “We defend the antifascist values of the constitution and freedom against all fascists!” On banners, one could read “Fascist organizations must be prohibited, racism must be punished”.

In the demonstration came together veterans and young antifascists, members of trade unions and militants of the basis, volunteers of social and refugees helping structures. It was a politically very broad alliance – from the Democratic Party (PD) to autonomous groups. Fascist groups tried to organize provocations. ANPI criticized that not the right-wing provocateurs but their anti-fascist opponents were arrested by the police.

FIR supports these activities of the Italian antifascists. This mobilization is an important signal regardless of the election results for the defending of the antifascist legacy in Italy.